I have been trying to figure this out, surf thru google but I came back empty handed... I wana move data from Database A to Database B that means copying the content of one database to another database, I am using SQL server 2005... any help will be highly appreciated

Are you planning to do this once in while or this is non-stop requirement

Once in a while, I have been asked to copy database objects including everything in it to another database

What DB you will be using MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle?

Its MySql.... SQL server 2005

Ehmm you trying to get data from MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server 2005?

No Im copying them from the same environment, I need to retrieve some of the data from another database to another, to explain further... I have a database which is Data1 and another database which is Data2, they both in the same environment which SQL Server 2005 so I wana get data from Data1 to Data2....Hope Im clear