Hey guys, can someone please tell me how I can connect to a remote Oracle DB using WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP) installed locally on my machine?

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are you looking for the connection string ?

yeah that would be great, do i ahve to download any additional software to connect to the oracle db?

No need to install addition software for database connection .
please find the details of connection string here.

what if i want to execute sql queries and pull them back to the php file so i can display the results on a web page?

thanks very much for your help!

Have you downloaded any version of the oracle database (oracle 10g, and recently 11g)?
I use the oracle 10g express edition installed on my local PC to connect to my database. you can download any version by first hooking up to the oracle.com website, register and then dowload and install the database (either 10g or 11g version) to your PC. do so and let the forum know what to do next. Hope this does something?

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