i am trying to come up with a schema for a databaes. It's been a while since I have done normalization on a schema, so I could use some help.


There are boats.
A boat is build in a shipyard.
A shipyard has an owner.
A boat is bought by an owner.
When a boat is bought by an owner, I still need to see from which shipyard the boat was bought.

A fairly simple situation you might say, by maybe my head isn't clear.
I have attached a picture with a schema I came up with.

I don't think this schema is the best solution.

In this situation a shipyard has an owner (which is correct) and the owner has a boat (which is also corrcet). Also the shipyard has a boat (could be correct, if the boat is not sold yet).

I don't think I can easily get a query that can tell me if a shipyard is still the owner, or the boat has been sold.( of course it can be done with attributes).

What would you guys come up with as a schema. I have another schema, but will not show so I don't blur your minds.


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Hi playah,

your data model seems to be able to answer almost all questions you have asked. Also this one: Are there owners who own both, boats and shipyards? select owner.name, shipyard.name, boat.name from owner join shipyard on owner.onwerID = shipyard.onwerID join boat on owner.onwerID = boat.onwerID;

If you want to find whether a boat still belongs to the shipyard because of not having been sold so far, one solution would be to distinguish between both sorts of owners, for example by adding a category attribute to the owner entity, say category {'private individual', 'shipyard company'}. Then the select may look like this one: select owner.name, boat.name from owner join boat on owner.ownerID = boat.ownerID where owner.category = 'shipyard company';

Another data model might be based on ERM generalization/specialization (isa-relationships), where you would have one common owner entity for generic data and two sub categories (specializations) to hold specific data on private boat owners and shipyards on the other hand.


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