My website host supports MySQL and has a simple MySQL “workshop” available in their “V-Deck” (user control panel) to make simple tables for things like subscriber email lists, etc..

My question is, can I use MySQL on my HTML web site, to update item prices on multiple pages at once, instead of having to update prices on each individual page, one at a time, as I would have to do otherwise?

Another concern would be, if I can insert the needed “thread” to have the webpage load only after it has accessed the price/data , yet still not interfere with the code sent to PayPal to open their shopping cart (which needs my updated prices from the "Add To Cart" pages).

Thanks for any info on whether I’m even on the right track or not………………Pete

Yes if you know AJAX, else you need to re-do your website to some technology like PHP, ASP, JSP

Thanks Peter, I will look into it..........I really don't want to redo the site completely since it's so close to being ready. I'll see if I can make things work with AJAX, without a complete redo.