Hi, Thanks in advance for any help someone could offer.

I'm trying to display a list of stories submitted to my site from a table titled stories, the name of the person who submitted the story and how many comments about the story have been posted.

I'm working with three tables.

The Stories table [story_id] [user_id] [storytitle] [storycategory]
The Team Table [team_id] [teamname]
The Comments Table [comment_id] [story_id] [user_id]

my query should be something like:
Get the stories
(select * from stories)
Also the team name of the person who submitted them
	(inner join teams ON stories.user_id = teams.team_id) 
And count for me how many times a comment has been made for each story.
	(count how many comments.story_id =stories.story_id)

i can easily obtain the story titles and the team names that submitted with

SELECT * from stories 
	inner join teams ON stories.user_id = teams.team_id

but I have no idea how to count how many comments.story_id = stories.story_id

thanks in advace.

$r=mysql_query("select count(*) as cnt form stories inner join teams ON stories.user_id = teams.team_id");
echo $t['cnt'];//prints count of stories..

Thank you Shanti for your help, unfortunately that isn't quite what I am trying to do. Instead of counting how many stories are posted, or how many comments are posted, I want to know how many comments are tied to each individual story.

How many comments.story_id = stories.story_id

so my result would be:
story_id | story title | # of comments (from comment table)

So the query needs to be something like:
echo all the story titles and story_ids and the number of comments each record has received.

Again, thanks for any help or clues.

try this:

$r=mysql_query("select count(*) as cnt form commenttable comments.story_id = stories.story_id
echo $t['cnt'];//prints count of stories..

post your table columns names clearly....

Again, thank you, but no luck.

I'm not sure what is wrong.

As an example, it would be like how the Topic/Threads listed on this site.

Thread Name | Replies | Views

I'm sure that info all lives in separate tables.
Can anybody take a stab at guess what the select statement would look like be on this page:

Thanks in advance,


try this (name the fields you want to select instead of using the star give you more versatility - like a sub-query):

SELECT s.story_id, s.user_id, s.storytitle, t.team_name
  (SELECT COUNT(c.story_id) FROM comments c 
    WHERE c.story_id = s.story_id) AS comment_cnt 
FROM stories s
INNER JOIN teams t ON s.user_id = t.team_id

comment_cnt should then be the number you're looking for. Note that this will not pull any of the comments themselves, just the count in each story.

Yes! That is exactly what I am trying to do. Thank you for understanding.

However, I am stumped by how to display the 'comment_cnt'. I've not used the 'AS' statement before. How do I pass that as a variable?

thanks for getting me this far.

Sorry to dig this old thread up again, but I am once again faced with a similar query problem.

I am try to to count how many posts a user has made to a forum

i have two tables:

t1 Posts

t2 users

Here is the query I an using and I can't figure out why It's not working. I keep getting an error on the line where the sub-query starts.

(Select users.user_id,users.username,posts.id  
  (select COUNT(posts.id) AS post_count from posts where users.user_id=posts.user_id)

in English; I want to display the users "username" and how many times the users "user_id" appears in the user_id column on the Posts table as 'post_count'.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

   Posts p 
inner join 
   Users u 
   p.user_id = u.user_id
  p.user_id = ?

that will be for a single user, if you want something for a view, remove the where and query the view

Yes! That is it. Thank you. I'm learning a lot here. Thank you everyone.