Is there a way to store multiple enteries in a same field (Like adding delim's..etc , which would be considered while we are firing queries at them)

Ex: i have a field named subjects.. is is supposed to have multiple entries in the same field (English , maths ,etc)

Is there any other way to do this (so that when i fire a query @ subjects , i get both english and maths from the fields)

In Oracle you can define your own data types which can act like tables and can be used to define columns in your table (see collections). Like you suggested you can also just store a list in a large text field. However, I would not use either of these approaches because the first is too cumbersome and the second makes searching difficult. I would recommend that you create a second table to store the subjects that can be joined to the first.

For example, if you had one table called students, make another called student_stubjects that stores the student’s id with the actual subject or a code representing the subject.

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