Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience with a PHP Web-based form builder/administrator that's designed to use MS SQL? I know there's a lot of PHP/MySQL-based products out there, but I have to use MS SQL.

I need to be able to create Web forms relatively easily with a Web-based interface, drop the Web form data to the MS SQL server, and set up rights for users to be able to pull and display form submission data from the MS SQL database using a simple Web-baed interface.

Here's a PHP-based form administrator product that looks like it does just about everything I need, but it only works with MySQL:

I'd rather not reinvent the wheel as I only have one PHP developer on my staff.

Thanks in advance...

You can do this in Visual Studio. There is a plugin for php. The other way is to write code for mysql, then using an editor or some automated script to replace all instances of mysql with mssql in your files.

Pretty simple really. I've done it when I had to convert back and forth.