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Hospital Associates own three private hospitals at different locations across the country. It has a centralize database for tracking patients admission and billing. The database schema contains the following tables:
PATIENTS(PatientId, Name, Address,DateofBirth,AccBalance)
ADMISSION(AdmissionId, PatientId(FK), RoomId(FK), AdmitDate, DischargeDate)
ADMITDETAILS(AdmissionId, TreatmentId(FK), DoctorId(FK))
ROOM (RoomId, HospitalId(FK), RoomType, CostPerNight)
TREAMENT(TreatmentId, Prescription, Cost)
DOCTORS(DoctorId, DoctorName)
HOSPITAL(HospitalId, HospitalName)
Draw a ER diagram for the database schema given above. Explain how you arrive at the maximum and minimum values for the relation ship between Admission and Rooms in your ERD.

thats easy

An er diagram shows the data and the relations using "crows feet" for one to many etc....

Can anyone tell me where these questions are coming from.What book and the author

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