Hi all,

I hope everyone is well. :)

Ok, I don't know how to explain this properly, so I'll just struggle along & if you need anything clarified, please ask.

First, I'd like a quote from only very experienced MySQL/PHP programmers on how much this appl. will cost to build. I know you need to see the specific DB outline, so I'll need you to sign an NDA.

If the price is too high, I will either go elsewhere, or have to do it in stages.

Second, I need to know if I can do what I want to do, so I'm looking for someone who thinks outside the box.

Ok, here goes...

I plan to develop an application that my customers can use to run the backend of their web sites.

This appl. will kind of be like a dating site (but it's not) where the customer can upload pics in various different arraignments (like 4 across & 4 down etc. & there will be different designs for them to choose from) there will also be a calender is set in place etc.

The appl. is run by my customer so they can make things visiable on their site to their customers. So, it has to be really user friendly, like a dating site.

Some of the data they will be able to see & only use for their own admin. purposes & other data their customers will be able to see & it will look all nice & a finished product.

Here in lies the question/problem...

I had one programmer tell me that this application could be hooked up to someone else's already existing site so they can continue to use their own site, hosting company etc. I think she mentioned a landing page or something like that to make it work.

That was b4, when I was going to sell the appl. Then we changed our minds & decided we would rent out the appl. with different tiers costing different prices of course.

I want to make sure that my customer doesn't need to download anything & they can just plug n play after an acct. has been set up for them.

Now I'm being told by different programmers that the appl. can't be clicked into place on someone's already existing site, They said that my customer would have to purchase a whole new web site template that was already designed to work with this appl.

Is this b/c I'm not longer selling the DB, but rather renting it out?

Can anyone come up w/ a way around this b/c I'm not sure my customers are going to want to give up their already existing site just to use this appl. They may also not want to change hosting companies since I guess I'll be acting as their hosting company too b/c their web site will be run thru my server.

Please get back to me either by PMing me, e-mailing me. I don't have a problem w/ you posting here, so long as I am notified that there's a message here.

Thanks so much & have a great wknd. :)


Firstly, if you're going to rent this application, you need to host it. Not just to make it work, but to manage it. You need a way of making sure that the customer's pay their rent. You need to track their usage and other statistical information. Secondly, if it's all on one server, you can more easily add additional features (for an increase in monthly rental fee of course). This would be a nightmare if you spread it around. Thirdly, if you host the application, you can generate the HTML at your server based on parameter files for the individual customers. This would hide much of the way methodology behind how the functionality of the site is achieved, thus protecting your propriatary interest.

Hope that this helps,


Hi there,

Thanks for responding, but this must be a really old thread. Yup, almost 3 yrs. old.

I've actually found a programmer FINALLY & we are just tying up some loose contract ends & he will be starting shortly.

We may need some very p/t help, if anyone is interested in applying.

Take care :)


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