I am trying to set up the phpbb forums on my site using MySql and I don't understand how to link MY site to the DATABASE. I also can't seem to figure out where my username, password, and the name of my database as I need them for the phpbb installation. I also need to know how to create a new database with the name "db_forums."

Any help would be greatly appreciated, if you want you can check out the page that I am STUCK on right here:


wouldn't this question be better asked in the phpbb forums on their website?

Well, he simply wants to know how to create a database and set it up to use phpBB.

Does your webhost have cPanel?

First - you will need to create the database in MySQL Admin ( I use PHPMyAdmin for things like this ), then you need to create a user name and password in mysql and then give permissions to the database with this user.

After you complete the above steps, then you can go into the PHPBB install and make sure you use the same database name created above with the user name and password created for that database.

Then complete the PHPBB setup, and make sure you follow the last instructions to a T.

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