OK I will try it but the relationship is a one-to-many from users to uas ... yes? It would not make sense that a user can exist and not have a link to an airport or service?? I will try deleting something now.

well it doesn't make sense as far as the user won't have any services, from the database side it just means there is a user, just no services saved yet

yes users -> uas 1..x

it means a user has been created, but no services have been created

OK .. I used the following:

DELETE * FROM `userairportservices` WHERE `usr_id_users` = 5

and it says I have an error in my syntax. I don't think I do. But I bet if I delete the user it will delete the uas entries for that user as well.

So, I think you are still saying that we should be able to delete directly from the UAS table ... yes? So, what is the purpose of constraints?

Do I have to alter the tables/database or something?

constraints will do what you are meaning, delete from the user table then it will propagate to other tables that reference that user

lol did i put delete *, just use delete from without the *

OK .... you are correct ;-) I guess the problem was the * all along because I used the same SQL when I was trying it before.

So, if there is a match, delete from userairportservices where usr_id = $usid

else insert

sound about right?

no need to do a check, just run the delete, it won't matter if there is a match or isn't

then just run inserts

Actually, this will no longer be an if/else statement will it? We just need to test if there is a record matching the user, airport etc and then delete all of those. Then do an INSERT. I think that is about right.

actually no need to check the uas table at all, just delete, then insert

you are correct, check user table i guess from a login or whatever that is, then no need to check anything against uas table except when displaying the form, on submit delete and insert

also i normally wouldn't suggest this, but i think it is appropriate here, we don't need a uas_id on uas table, it is always being deleted and never referenced, you can keep it, no big deal, its just not of use i see yet, but maybe keep it if you think you will need it later

commented: This man is amazing ... really! +1

OK ;-)))))))

That's got it!!!!

Now all I have to do is figure out how to disable the services checkboxes until the user clicks on an airport checkbox ... but that is another issue ;-)

You have a night full of beer if you ever get here to Toronto. If you have a book wish list just let me know. You have been a huge help, a patient man and an all around great guy.

Seriously ... thank you very very much for your kind help.


sure thing man, finally got up to veteran poster now along the way :-)

glad it all works for you, and i'm sure you understand relational databases much better

TORONTO here i come!!!

Yeah I have learned a lot thanks to you.

Any time man!

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