Okay, this is the situation. We are trying to set up a database where we input individuals for their personnel evaluations. We created a button in the form window and linked it to a macro that updates the "Date Due" block based on the date in the "Date Completed" block plus 18 months. So far this button seems to calculate the correct date and places the new date in the form window when pressed BUT it ONLY updates the FIRST record in the database.

HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET IT TO UPDATE THE RECORD YOU ARE CURRENTLY EDITING IN THE FORM WINDOW?!?! We would at least like to get the macro to update ALL records but Access has a restriction on how many times you can loop a single macro!!! The macro actually worked on the first 20 records in alphabetical order (we're not using a primary key for each record) but nothing beyond that because Access won't loop a macro more than 20 times.

PLEASE tell me there's a simple solution for this. Oh, and before you say "Visual Basic works much better and works a lot faster" let me tell you, none of us know how to use Visual Basic so we're stuck with these crappy macros provided by Access.

Any Help?

yes in that you can get it to run an query

you can use SQL (query language) to do things like update records

UPDATE products
SET price = price+ 1.00
WHERE price < 1

this small sample adds $1 to all prices in the products table where the price is greater than $1 to begin with

for dates you need to use # around the date