I am a technophobe in his last year of a business/computing degree. If someone gave me the db structure for my final year project interim report to be handed in tomorrow I will be forever grateful................

I am designing a website where people can search for spare car parts. It will basically display a bunch of listboxes until the desired car part is found. My technophobish mind has the project like this....

Search: Car Make -> Car Model -> Reg Year -> Part Group -> Part Type...... Car Part is then displayed if it is available.

If someone could give me a rough db structure for this I would be very happy.

p.s When the car make is selected e.g Ford, then only models that relate to Ford should shown e.g Mustang. Then, only car parts that relate to mustang should be shown etc.

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I've actually got an extension on the hand in date so any reply would be very helpful!

Thank You


I'm not gone give you solution as that is for you to figure out, so consider following:

  1. There are two attributes by which you can accompany/describe car maker which are....?
  2. The car model can be described in similar way as car maker, plus you have to link it up with car maker
  3. In the same manner, as in the previous point described, rest of the tables should be done

Can you work "the magic" for me now?


Let me get this straight.

You're a TECHNOPHOBE doing a DEGREE course with a large COMPUTING involvement and you want US (who are TECHNOPHILES and [mostly] have finished our degrees) to do this work for you. Is that correct?

If the answer to the above is YES and this is for a COMPUTING module, please post your School / College / Uni name & address and your Tutors name and I'll see if he too thinks that you should fail.

If the answer to the above is YES and this is for a BUSINESS module then you are a back stabbing, plagerising b**tard and will most probably get a 'first'.

If the answer to the above is NO then please rewrite your question a LOT more clearly.

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