I'm using a vBulletin based board.

I've started with utf8 charset, and my db is messed up now, all the content is in gibberish, I'm using Hebrew in my forum and after a while I tried upgrading to the latest version, so I did, and the board is now presenting gibberish instead of Hebrew like it did in the past (before we upgraded)

I don't know how the content in the old version appeared in Hebrew, but now it's in gibberish (the Db was always full of gibberish but just after the upgrade it started showing gibberish on the board)

What can I do to fix it? I've re uploaded the binary files of the MySql db and upgraded again, the collection of the DB is hebrew_general_ci and some tables are latin1_swedish_ci
the content of the Db is in gibberish, is there a way to fix it? can I convert it back to hebrew? or how do I show it on the board in Hebrew?
here is a link to the board -