Ok, I love movies, and I am building a website to chronicle the movies in my collection. I have the layout, graphics and all of that. I can do all of that myself. I need to know what the best way to show the movie cover, synopsis and my own review without making a separate .html page for every one. I am pretty good at figuring things out so just a point in the right direction would be good. What I want to do is put up a list of the movies that I have reviewed and once clicked shows the cover, the synopsis and my review of the movie is there a shortcut to this without all of the html pages I have thousands of movies and its going to take long enough as it is.

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php and sql/mysql/mssql
an sql/mysql/mssql (depends on your host) database containing the name description actors review image(or link to the image) all the fields you need
the initial list page is generated from the database of names.
Click the link and it populates a php template with the contents of the database fields.

1 database
1 entry page
1 query page
1 template page
as many pages as you need, Search engine visible, etc
there may be a script available for download, even if you dont use the scripts they provide insite in how it works and makes the development easier
(there are many that scrape imdb to populate your database, a little nasty)


Thanks that is a great point in the right direction. I do not want to scrape another site. I am in it for the honest long haul, I am trying to be legal. I want my site to be useful to the visitors I will research some scripts and see what I can come up with. If you have a suggestion for free or paid version of a script that will work let me know. I am determined to do this myself.

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