This is probably a easy an simple task to someone that can take only a matter of minutes, but im new to this

Please will someone help me with my coll work....i have been given a task to normalise this data in to 3NF an i am totally stuck help would be very muchly apprecated....

* Evidence of Normalisation to third normal form (3NF)

So basically just Normalising to 3NF the headers from ther tables :
Organisation Name
Contact Name
Post Code

LAst NAme
First Name
Date of Birth

Course Code
Last Name
First Name

Course Code
Course Title
Tutor Name
Course Date

I think altogether there should be some where around 7 tables :S but not sure!!

BELOW i have included my task an the 4 sets of data i have been given which i will have to expand on...i need to normalization to this an pick out foreign keys an primary keys

The proposed system

You have decided to use database software to provide a more efficient solution.

The following is a list of specific requirements:

• A number of well designed queries that are appropriate to the scenario.
• A user interface that allows users to carry out all record operations.
• Reports that show the following information:
o A list of all courses along with delegates that are attending
o For statistical purposes, a report that shows a list of all current employees and their current age (Ordered by age)
o A report that shows a list of delegates for a given course
o ID badges for delegates of a given course

Further information regarding requirements can be obtained from your tutor, who is acting as the client.
Example Data

Reference Organisation Name Address1 Town Telephone Email Contact Name Postcode
MONT563 Montreal Buildings Ltd 19 Cavendish Ave Morey 01244 345020 S. Bradley MR3 9HG
CAMP01A Campion Tubes 39-41 Ash Street Alderney 020 203450 P. Khan AL4 9QA
NORT131 Northern Coaches Ltd 89 Aspect Drive Maney 021 203402 T. Bailey MN5 78G
SLEE786 Sleepwell Beds 23-25 Luton Road Dunstable 041 203403 T. Jones DN6 8YH

Last Name Firstname Date of birth Department Organisation
Mason Philip 10/12/1966 Finance Drake Scientific Instruments
McGovern Maynard 03/02/1974 Accounts Barker & Dobbs
Gunn Ashleigh 01/04/1986 Administration Montreal Buildings Ltd

Course Code Revision Lastname Firstname Organisation
SS001 164 Osler Chuck Blunts Building Designs
SS001 164 Norton Roger Collingwood High School
DB003 168 Ratford Linda Cheadle Heath Clubs
WP001 162 Parker Clive Chivers Property Developments
WP001 162 Adams Tony Montreal Buildings Ltd

Course Code Course Title Tutor Name Course Date Duration
SS001 Excel Spreadsheets for Beginners Phil Smith 29th January 2009 1 Day
DB Access Database Skills Terry Bradley 29th January 2009 1 Day
WP001 Word Processing Skills Hannah Kendall 10th April 2009 1Day
WP002 Advanced Word Processing Skills Hannah Kendall 9th April 2009 2 Days
VB020 Visual Basic Programming Naseer Ahmed 9th April 2009 2 Days
VB030 Visual Basic Programming (Advanced) Naseer Ahmed 10th April 2009 1 Day

** Please note that these data lists are not exhaustive, you are to provide additional data to test/demonstrate your solution.

TASK 2 – 50%
Design, implement and test a database solution for a given problem.

For this task you will be designing, implementing and carrying out testing of a database solution to satisfy the requirements of the given case study.

A) A number of features are to be implemented in your solution, these are:

• A series of queries to retrieve information from the database
• The implementation of forms to allow simplified user interaction with your database (must support all record functions)
• The use of appropriate reports in your solution

B) Your submission should consist (but not be limited to) the following:

• Initial requirements report
• Evidence of Normalisation to third normal form (3NF)
• Complete design documentation for your solution.
• Justification of design techniques employed.
• The working database
• Testing of your database

C) Your completed database must make good use of user forms and provide the reporting facilities that are detailed in the case study.

Those are not "headers," they are columns.

Do you know what Normalization means in a database setting?

I would work on normalizing the tables first and then worry about the queries, forms, etc.

How do i normalise my data then, could you help me?!x

So i have this databse that i have created so farr and have normalised my data too, will someone help me an show how i can relate the tables pleasee :)

I' stuck with filling out my booking table


Identify how various entities are related , organizations have got m:n relations with delegates.