I'm quite desperate. My explorer.exe on my computer doesn't work (Windows XP home edition service pack 3). That's bad enough but my DVD/CD - Rom driver doesn't work as well, so I can't reboot with XP cd/dvd stocked.

It all started when I told a friend of mine that I needed to format my HD. He said "no" and I just needed to boot my PC with some utility. He then downloaded a some software that defragmented my HD with it. Then when windows rebooted explorer.exe didn't work. It started as normal, showing all shortcuts etc., but after ca. 10 seconds it simply closed. Windows then needed several upgrades and rebooting. After several rebootings it finally worked as normal.

I then told him to leave it, but then he downloaded F-secure (which I get for free through my college) to see what the problem was. After it had been completely installed the same problem occurred.

Now after some tweaking I'm left frantic and pissed off. Explorer.exe starts normally, but after ca. 10 seconds it simply stops. I asked my friend what he initially did but he isn't quite sure.

I can start the explorer wit task manager but the same thing happens every time. I've tried some msconfig, regedit and troubleshooting to no avail. I'm quite new at this stuff, so can't please somebone help?

I'm not sure at everything my friend did 'cause I was working at something else while he was at it. All I know is typed above. If I try asking him he says he is sorry but don't know what went wrong.

Please, any help is appreciated. I need my explorer.exe to work.

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might be a damage or corrupt registry..try booting to safe mode if you can still access and do a system restore....

Thanks for replying, but the same thing happens in safe mode. :\

Nothing will help do one thing just put xp CD & repair it
I will work 100%

I had the same symmptoms a couple of years ago. I didn't take notes of what I did so I'm working from memory.

Basically, my Windows system simply went out of a state of grace. It may have been a defrag that did it - but suddenly a whole load of stuff wouldn't work including Explorer.exe.

So I did a Windows Install selecting the update function from the Windows CD. It restored all the system files and registry entries without disturbing my applications registry data. Of course then I had to re-apply service packs/updates.

Let us know.

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