I apologize beforehand if this topic is in the wrong place. Quite honestly I am desperate for help. I have a project for school involving Firefox and making an extension that is a visual database. My professor suggested I use SQL Lite to make the database. I am so beyond lost. I really need to get this going as it is due in 12 days. I am sure to someone who is familiar with SQL this is easy as can be. I downloaded the SQLite Manager on Firefox. Can anyone point me to some good beginners tutorials?

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I have a project for school involving Firefox and making an extension that is a visual database.

This doesn't make sense at all.
Can you provide more details on your requirements? What language you intend to use PHP/ASP/ASP.NET/JSP or any other?
There are tons of tutorials on SQLite so you better come up with closer specs....


Sorry about that. I will post the guidelines to the project.

This project requires the development of a Firefox extension that:

1 Create a toolbar button which when clicked will bookmark the present web address
2 Store the bookmarks with their creation date and time
3 Create a toolbar button which wen clicked will display bookmarks in a window that
3.1 Each bookmark is represented by a small symbol
3.2 Symbols/bookmarks of a single date stacked in a vertical line from top to bottom,
based on their creation time.
3.3 Only display the latest 5 vertical lines of symbols (they will correspond to the latest 5 days
during which bookmarks have been created)
3.4* Include a text input box and use the input to filter the displayed bookmarks.
In other words, only matched bookmarks will be displayed as symbols.
3.5 Clicking of a symbol will load the bookmark in Firefox

My professor said we should use SQLite to make that database where this information would be saved. The extension is suppose to be in Javascript. Hopefully this clears it up.

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