I need mysql queries for the following :

(A)i have table with column headings emp name and password
sno empname password
1 ani abcdefgh
2 venus bcde
3 joe bcdef
4 mary abcdef

Q1:I want a mysql query to select and display the passoword whose character length is from 3 to 6 (i.e bcde,bcdef..)

Q2:I want query to select the password whose second letter is c,third is d and ends with e

Q3:I want the query that combines the two above said questions

(B)i have the following database table

code place pincode
1 milli 641035
2 madurai 641045

Q1: i want query to select and display the following


(Note:mil35 is the first three letters of place milli and last 2 digits of pin code 641035--first row
du is third and fourth letter of place madurai and third and fourth digit of 641045--second row)

(C)I have the following table

code empname status
1 ven inactive,active
2 bruce active
3 lary inactive,active

Q1: i want the query to make the status of " bruce" to "inactive" and lary's status to "active