Hi guys,

A few months ago i installed a version (5.0 i believe) of MySQL on my machine with no problems at all. Two weeks ago i had to format my hard drive and reinstall my OS. I have successfully installed Visual Studio 2005 and tried to install MySQL last night however i was proved with the folowing error:


From the error produced originally i thought Avira had something to do with it so disbaled the program and tried the installation again. Still, the above error was produced.

Does anyone know how to resolve the above issue??


Try to re-run MySQL Server Instance Config Wizard (Start >> All Programs >> MySQL >> MySQL Server 5.1 >>MySQL Server Instance Config Wizard) as sometimes configuration may collide with other applications or anti-virus/firewall

Managed to fully install MySQL last night.

I uninstalled the program and then manually deleted the folders that were created during the installation (i noticed that these folders were not removed after i uninstalled it).

Restarted the machine and the installation went through without any problems. =)


That is option too, but it is not necessary to do as the above suggestion worked for me just few weeks ago and also not everyone is keen to re-install if you ask them:D