I am more interested to know
a site that got sample web access code -- to access SQL server / oracle database
== could include any of the following language
--- c# , vb.net, jsp
--- asp, javascript
-- ajax
answer could be in form of the coolest CMS on earth

-- acutally, I just rephrase and summarise, of what everybody is saying in this thread, heheheheh (but could anyone give us a NAME of the software )

I don't understand what you're asking or how it relates to MSSQL. You're concerned with the programming languages over SQL so you might want to try another forum and ask a more specific question.

If you are looking to know the name of the web application that can be used instead of Ms SQL Enterprise Manager then MyLittleAdmin is such a web application.

That was the thread he originally post this in. I can't really figure what the heck he is asking either, but he mentioned MS SQL so I dropped it in here.