I am REALLY new to SQL. Teaching myself C#; downloaded SQL Express 2008. (Not sure of the terminology either...) Successfully created several tables for my desktop customer database. I am not able to populate the database yet... Do I have to create my own application to add data to the fields??? I am sure there's a feature I'm missing... I honestly feel like I am re-inventing the wheel... All help/suggestions appreciated! Thanks!!

You can use INSERT() statements:

Create Table Customer
  CustomerId int identity(1000, 1) PRIMARY KEY,
  CustomerName varchar(50),
  Address1 varchar(50),
  City varchar(50),
  State varchar(2),
  Zip varchar(5)

Insert Into Customer (CustomerName, Address1, City, State, Zip) Values ('Scott', 'Street 1', 'City 1', 'ST', '30043')
Insert Into Customer (CustomerName, Address1, City, State, Zip) Values ('Ken', 'Street 2', 'City 2', 'ST', '90210')

Thanks, Scott! Good example. Got it. Access (and DB-IV) had a matrix that one could use to add data. Thought maybe there might be a GUI somewhere for SQL. Guess I need to hard code the adds (INSERTS). Appreciate your help!

I'm glad it worked for you and good luck!

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