I am new to Crystal Reports with Oracle.

I am trying to create a report ( in Crystal Reports) from an existing Oracle Database.

The problem I am having is that I can get the tables but when I do a "browse Data" within the table, there are these Fields that I want report only a selected few.

How can I do this?



There are a few ways to do this.

1. When you choose your connection and the report wizard runs you can pick your table, then it will ask you which fields you want to include from those tables.

2. When you create your connection choose add command, here you can write a sql statement to pull whatever data you want from the data connection.

3. Create a view in your database and then use the view for your report.


I can do that but since I am new to sql, I cannot seem to get the statement correct.

Can you point me somewhere where I can get an explanation on how to go about doing this?

Thanks again!!!


If you are new to SQL and want to learn you can google 'SQL Tutorial' and should be able to find hundreds of tutorial from basic to advanced.

If you don't have any coding experience the 1st option would be the easiest way for you to get the Crystal report completed.

The wizard will create all the joins on the tables for you and will also let you choose which fields from the tables you want to include in the report. Its quick and easy. Once you create new report, you should be required to create a connection, then browse for the tables you want to include, then it will show you any joins the wizard created, then it will give you a pick list with all the fields in the tables, move the fields you want over and it will include only those fields. If you only see the table names in the field explorer you will have to expand the tables to see the individual fields.

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