Good Morning all,

I need some help with loading a file into a sybase IQ table with the "LOAD INTO" statement.
I have never used it before and I cant seem to get myhead around how I am supposed to implement it in my java app.

I have a stateless ejb that does file pick up and copy.
After that I used a bufferedreader to extract the stuffs from the file, put it in an array and then used the collection to persist it.

Thing is, it still takes too much time.
I was told to use the Sybase IQ LOAD INTO table statement, but as yet, I havent come across an example of how to use it.

Can anyone either point me in the right direction to a java implemetation of this or please provide an example.
thank you,

Sure. This is run on the IQ instance.

The location is ASE_SERVER.LOCAL_DATABASE (ASE_SERVER should be in your interfaces/sql.ini file).

location 'ASE.DB'
  select * from DB..table

I cannot assist on setting up the location nor where to find more details in IQ. I am learning this at the moment.

hey there,
thanks for the response, i figured it out already.
thank you.

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