Is there a setting to suppress warnings from dispalying when running a script via SQL Query Analyzer? I would like to have only errors print.


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Not that I am aware of and this sounds like a bad idea. Can't you just fix the warnings? You can also "SET NOCOUNT OFF" to hide the rowcounts .. but that is as much as I know about supressing server information. You can hide some errors on a case by case basis such as SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF


Thanks for the reply sknake.

I'm working with a very old legacy database structure and the latest update scripts can generate dozens of warnings when an alter table command trips a "...table exceeds the maximum row size..."
message. I don't want these to cause any "real" errors from being overlooked.

In a perfect world, I would remove the dead weight columns and eliminate the root cause, but it's not my call.


I feel your pain... that is one of the only answers I agree with when it comes to overlooking warnings :)

I gave it a second look and came up with people splitting a table in to separate tables and creating a view to merge them in order to get around the warning. If you were daring I guess you could try that but playing with updates in legacy code never makes for a fun day.

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