I have a query which has a prompt when you insert the year a graph on a report displays.My problem is that when I enter the date the same prompt appears two times after I inserted the year. Also when I what to print the graph it also prompts me for a year two times on the same thing. can some please help. :(

This sounds like something I have run into before.... I don't remember if this was the issue or not, but it is something you can try...

If you have more than one field that relies on the year prompt, then instead of using [year] in each of those fields, create a separate field with the name yearprompt and the value [year]. That way, the field will hold the value of the prompt but have an alias yearprompt. Then, for all the fields that rely on the prompt, use the field [yearprompt] instead of [year].

Again, I don't know if that will solve the problem or not; I just remember I had a similar issue before and I'm guessing that is the first thing I tried.

Hey there tim thanks for the post I hope you are online for a bit I am going to try what you post right now.thanks again

I creared another field in the query assign an alias and changed the prompt there it still has that prompt issue. when I want to make a print. it prompts once for the year. I view the report then when I click the print it prompts again please help:(

Just so I am clear...it sounds like we solved at least part of the issue. Before it prompted several times before the report would be displayed but now it only prompts once. The problem now is that it prompts again when you want to print. Is this correct?

I tried duplicating the issue, but I can't. I am able to create a report that prompts me for the year when I view it; however, when I go to print it, it doesn't prompt me a second time.

Can you provide me with additional information (is there any vba code in the report, are the any special controls, what is the sql statement you are using, etc) or, better yet, provide me with the relevant part of the database?

to summarize its a query with prompt within a query. Yes its true about the first been solved. is there vba code i can use to just print what it see?

Again, I don't know why you are prompted again when you try to print, because I don't run into that problem.

However, when you can do is us the On Open event to prompt the user for the year and then record the input into a table. Then change the query to join to that table instead of prompting the user. The result will be that the report prompts the user during the On Open event and the query does not prompt the user at all.

This is not an ideal solution, but it's the only thing I can think of without seeing the database.

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