Im not sure if this is the proper place to be posting this but...
I have a dedicated server that i would like to automatically run a script every 10 minutes/ half hour / any set period of time. I do not want to have to leave my personal computer running/ have a web page open. I was wondering if its possible to have my server run a "script" on its own every [set period of time].

Schedule a job to run the script at whatever interval you want.

i read that mysql can do an event scheduler, does that run even if the file isn't open? If not is there a way to make it?

I don't know mysql very much but if you schedule a job it should not care if a file is open or not.

is this the kind of thing youre talking about? I don't really know much about servers or what job scheduling is, but this seems to be what youre talking about, let me know if this is completely off-base:

DBMS_JOB does this exactly.

select text
  from all_source
 where name = 'DBMS_JOB'
   and type = 'PACKAGE'
 order by line;

In your case, it is very easy:

   l_job number;
   dbms_job.submit( l_job,
                   'trunc(sysdate)+1+4/24' );


alright, thanks cgyrob