I am using the SQL 2005 Express edition for SQL server. The database resides on another server and I connect to it from my machine through the object explorer. I have created a trigger to run certain queries and updates, but can't seem to find the trigger listed under

MyDB->Programmability->Database Triggers

I can get a list of all the objects using the SELECT * FROM sysobjects , but I am sure there has to be something in the GUI where I can look at it (and perhaps it's properties, too)

I know the trigger exists because the DB is updated exactly the way I want it to!

I have no such problems with my Stored Procedures, but do not know why my Triggers are invisible! Is the trigger hiding because it resides on a remote server?


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Database Triggers:

DDL Triggers are a special kind of trigger that fire in response to Data Definition Language (DDL) statements. They can be used to perform administrative tasks in the database such as auditing and regulating database operations.

You're looking for a table specific trigger and not a database trigger. Expand your table list and then expand an individual table. You will see a "Triggers" item below the table.

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