I am a first time poster and couldnt find a relevant category to post in so chose this as most are viewing.My wife has a company that currently uses an old sage product as a database. It runs in dos and will only run in windows using an emulator, but it will not run in vista at all. We have been let down badly by one company and are looking for a dedicated individual to basically recreate what we have and make it windows friendly and add a few tweaks here and there. The business has around 9 customers, with hundreds of products. If anyone has any recommendations, it would be much appreciated. We are located in the NW and are prepared to pay well for good but prompt work.It was called RETRIEVE and is about 20 years old and is used as a database but not accounting. Extracting the data is one part, but also creating a front end that is simple to navigate (her business partner is 65 and not IT savvy) and a backend that is also easy to manage. They both work in seperate locations and need to be able to easily update the database so both are seeing the same data. Sage no longer support it by the way for obvious reasons



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I would be willing to discuss developing the application for you with Microsoft's .NET technologies. I think there is a "For Hire" section on Daniweb where this probably should have went ;)


Reference to Old Sage software. Not totally sure if we can help your wife or not. However our company is in Washington, we work with many Sage products and I am a member of WAC Consulting a national group with many programmers and resources. If you could be more specific about the program that is used and send me your contact info we could possibly help you investigate.


Am I correct in my assumption of the following:

You need a new application created for your wife's company with the following criteria:
1. Be able to add your existing and new clients to a database.
2. Be able to add stock to your database.
3. Be able to manage your income and expenses from either your stock control, client control, set (non-variable) expenses and your operating expenses and income.
4. Be able to view reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
5. Reports on Daily activity, income, orders, expenses, banking, payments made, stock (hold, pricing, suppliers, clients, depreciation, days in hold, obsolete, new orders, outstanding orders, unsettled stock etc.), balance sheet, Income statement etc.
6. Be able to add multiple users from different locations with one centralised database. This does not have to be a web application. Better security as a server based application.
7. Ease of use (click and go sysytem) for users without pc knowledge.

If yes then I am able to assist in creating such application. I have developed something very similar for another company in South Africa, so most of the work is already done. It seems that time is of the essence. Depending on your requirements a definite date can be set and payment discussed.

I can be reached for now on my profile AndreRet.


I've developed in a DOS program called RETRIEVE (although called something else i Sweden where I live) many years ago. At present i do some development, mostly in SQL Server but also som "normal" developments. If you still havn't solved your wife's problem I might be able to help you.

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