I have access 2003 and sombody send me an access 2007 db . how can I open it?

Have the sender convert his/her copy of the database to be compatable with 2003. When you save an Access databse using 2007 you can choose to save it as a 2003 db. This way a db created in 2007 can be opened with 2003.

You could download and install the 2007 runtime but it would only let you USE the database, not dig into the design views. As mentioned by Gm Xtrm, you would need to have them save it into 2003 format (if they haven't used any of the features of 2007 which will preclude them from saving to 2003 format). Otherwise the other way is for you to purchase a copy of 2007 (or download a trial of Office 2007 from Microsoft's website).

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