First of all, I'm no database expert. See me as managing a project where this problem occurs.

We are building a system that will enable us to roll out Windows Patches automatically to all Windows systems we manage. We use WSUS on SQL Server 2005/SQL Express. The application will be part of our system monitoring tool, which in its turn runs on Linux using PHP Apache.

The problem is we cannot communicate with SQL Server/WSUS using PHP from the Linux system. They can connect using telnet to the port. PHP however does not work. The developers told me they have searched the Internet, and found countless solutions for this problem. But none of the solutions work for them. So my question is: Has anyone wrestled with this problem, and solved it?


Here is the PHP requirements for MSSQL connectivity:

PHP Requirements

Pay attention to the note for SQL 2005 and higher!

Note: On Windows, if you're using MSSQL 2005 or greater you must copy the ntwdblib.dll into the directory where you have installed php and overwrite the one thats already in there. This is due to the version distributed is old and outdated. Alternatively you can use the ODBC, PDO_DBLIB or PDO_ODBC extensions, to talk to MSSQL.

Which references FreeTDS:


and there are many how-to's for installing and configuring FreeTDS...

What flavor of Linux? Because I have had success configuring this before on a multiple Debian and RedHat box's before.

Thanks. I forwarded your answer.

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