Hi everyone.

Can someone please recommend a SQL editor (other than SQL Developer) that will allow me to test out my SQL statements & queries outside of the DB environment.

I will predominantly be working in a windows environment, but may move to a linux environment at times. Will be most beneficial if the editor is able to connect to both Oracle and SQLServer DB's.

Also I would prefer the editor to be "free" but that is isnt so important.

Any help would much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

if you are ready to pay use TOAD or PLSQL DEVELOPER, the best possible tools in market.

Thanks. how about anything lighter though?

Small in size, doesnt have a heavy installation. Im looking for something portable that I could carry on my flashdrive.

How much you are ready to invest for the tool ?

How much you are ready to invest for the tool ?

Lets start at FREE and move up till about $100, preferably no license subscription. ($'s are not currency for my country, but I reckon its an internet standard)

- actually think I will be able to get my hands on Toad, need to negotiate a license from my Manager though. But keep the suggestions coming.

Then you need to try this.

TOAD does not come in that price range.

thanks for the help.

Hi, I use TOAD. Cannot recall the site, but any search engine should show you where to download it (free)