Hi everyone.

Can someone please recommend a SQL editor (other than SQL Developer) that will allow me to test out my SQL statements & queries outside of the DB environment.

I will predominantly be working in a windows environment, but may move to a linux environment at times. Will be most beneficial if the editor is able to connect to both Oracle and SQLServer DB's.

Also I would prefer the editor to be "free" but that is isnt so important.

Any help would much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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Thanks. how about anything lighter though?

Small in size, doesnt have a heavy installation. Im looking for something portable that I could carry on my flashdrive.


How much you are ready to invest for the tool ?

Lets start at FREE and move up till about $100, preferably no license subscription. ($'s are not currency for my country, but I reckon its an internet standard)

- actually think I will be able to get my hands on Toad, need to negotiate a license from my Manager though. But keep the suggestions coming.


Hi, I use TOAD. Cannot recall the site, but any search engine should show you where to download it (free)

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