Hello and bonjour everyone

I need a bit of hand-holding (pseudo-code) on how to go about accomplishing this task and will appreciate it if you could find 1 or 2 minutes to guide me through.

Basically, i need to extract some information from database (different columns) and display it in a pdf format using php.

Now, i have never done this sort of thing before and was wondering if thats even realistically possible? What i was thinking was; create a new php file, say extracted_info.php, let it display the extracted information from different columns and even tables in one place and then somehow convert that information into a pdf file! Do you agree? what would i need to accomplish that. Quick googling churned up so many php and pdf library and tutorials but which one to choose? preferably the one built-in my PHP 5.x but i dont know even if its there!!

So, in short, any pointers no matter how trivial you think theya re will be very helpful as im kinda newbie in mixing SQL and PHP.

thanks in advance

Check out tcpdf. It has around 40+ examples of writing pdf. It's easy. [Get the data from mysql, format it like html and create pdf on the fly!]