Hi there. how can i limit the value of records in Access. Is there a LIMIT function in Access like in MySQL? tnx in advance..

select TOP 10 somecolumn FROM blah...

tnx hollystyle.. Is it possible to get the remaining results in the query after using the TOP?


Select TOP 10 qryOPAC.* FROM qryOPAC

It returns 20 records, since im using the TOP 10 it will only return the first 10 records, right? Now how about the remaining 10 records what happen to them?


what are you trying to do. Page the data? I don't follow what you want.

TOP just stops after the limit is reached, that's it. AFAIK that'a all LIMIT does in MySql as well.

In mysql I do:

select * from tbl limit 10,20;

So, I can retrieve from 10º until the 30º reg

How can I do it using ms access?
I need it for paging :icon_cheesygrin:


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