I'm trying to paste some text into a memo field and am getting the message "The text is too long to be edited". The text is 64K, which I believe is the max. I even did a character count on it that came to 64,360 and the limit I learned is 65,535.

I've tried creating a new memo field and pasting the contents there instead. I've also tried running an Update query, but I just keep getting the same message.

the maximum size includes whatever management is required by the underlying software
64K may be realistically as little as 45K

No other software has come into play yet. I'm just trying to paste text directly into the Access database.

googled it, access field has overhead but its 1 byte, 64K-1 keyed -thats not it
is it text(ascii) text or word processor text, just an idea maybe there is some formatting code that carries in the paste
clutching straws, my first thought was totally off the field

Not sure if this helps but that error message is usually generated when there are mismatch quotes in an evaluated string.

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