I'm creating a customer database in MS ACCESS with the following 3 tables:
Customer (with unique customer_id)
Products (with unique product_id)
Customer_Order(contains both customer_id and product_id).

I want to be able to use a form to enter new information into both the customer table and the customer_order table. The product table is already populated.

The problem I'm having is that I will want to duplicate the customer_id in the order table, but I only want to enter it once in the customer table.

I know this is simple, but I'm having a difficult time.

Thank you!

Create two forms... one for your customers and one for your customer orders with the fields you want. You will need to make sure both forms have a customer_ID field.

In the "customers" form add a subform using the wizard and link the child and master with customer_ID field.

You can find samples for forms, reports and queries at this website.


Thank you so much! This works perfectly.

You can use things called "Lookups" in access so that when you view the orders table, you can choose customers and products from dropdown boxes