Im developing and designing a task management system that will be handling thousands of tasks for thousands of employees/Users, I just need some ideas on how to go on about it, if you were gona be a user what would you like to see, what about the database structure, what should I include and exclude

Any idea even if you think its silly it might help, I wana make it to be as user friendly as possible and I most of all I want it to be perfect

Thanks in Advance

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What kind of tasks ?
I think you need to pass more information.

Its like this

A manager or Admin has to add task for employees, tasks like updating website, attending meetings and so forth, those tasks can also include attachments or maybe emails so I am building the software to achieve that an more but I am finding it difficult to come up with ideas on how I can make it as flexible and as user friendly worse the database, the only thing I know right now is that I will need an Employee, tasks and Admin tables

and what else do you think is needed, what should I include in those tables, how can I make it better

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