:icon_confused:I have made the change from access to mysql. I am using vb6 to connect. The connection seems to be fine, it was some code sample that I have downloaded from the net. The app is reading the databases, but as soon as I select a database, i get an access error. I have disabled the firewalls on both pc's, I have edited my.ini file with and without passwords, re-installed mysql, made sure that there is no password on Windows XP pro when logging in. I even went as far as to change my pc names. The server is called ISRS with windows login name of SERVER, my development pc was Andreret, now Andre, my login into mysql database is AndreDataTest with password ********. I have made sure that ALL security programs is disabled. I can ping and see both pc's from each other, so the network is fine. As I have said, my app even see the databases, it is the connection to them that throws errors of access denied.

Any ideas from anyone will be highly appreciated guys and gals.

I have managed to solve thius problem myself. If anyone needs any help, post it and I will try to solve your connection problem for you.