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I have an access data table and I designed a form in ms vb 6.0 Placing lavel, Textbox, Command button, datacontrol for connecting with ms access table. Thus I succeed and the form is showing the records from ms access table. but now I want to enter/add new record or data to be stored in ms access table (connected to vb form) entering from the vb form. How it can be done?

plz help me anyone details in this regard. I am a new poster in this foram and also new in vb programming. Foram may reply to this problem earlier. But I am not finding those solution. plz send me reply earlier again.

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S.N.Mazumder Amit

Easy Easy. So you want to control one of your tables with your form. So, first open up your form, open up the properties, go to the tab called "Data" and where it says "Record Source", click on the arrow and chose the table that you want to control. Now lets supposen in your table you have a field, which you call it "First Name", and now in your form, you want to create a Text Box and when you write something in it and save it, it will write on your table. In order to do that, you create a Text Box, then go to the Text Box Properties, go to the tab called "Data", and where it says "Control Source", you chose the item that the Text Box will control, in our case "First Name". I'm not sure if is this what you want or need, but I hope it helps.