hi guys, i have a situation
let say a customer orders 3 items
item A worth 300
item B worth 100
item C worth 500

He paid in full for items A,B and he paid a partial payment of 250 for item C
now I have a receipt for full payments called Official Receipt, and for partial payments

called Cash Invoice
what my system is currently doing is creating an Official Receipt for items A and B. And a

separate Cash Invoice for item C
1.]Generally, is that correct?or I should only create a Cash Invoice for the three items

indicating that item 3 has a balance and only creating an Official Receipt
when he pays the balance?
2.]If im doing it the wrong way,is it still acceptable so that I wont need to change what

Ive done?
please disregard the name of the receipts if it confuse you

I hope you could help me with this problem

Thank you

Give them a full payment reciete for a & b and a partial payment reciete for c. A & b is done and now they owe the ather half of c.