I really need some help here and hope there are some Access database whizzes out there...and i know...there are.... my friend and I are doing a database project for a health care service... and we are trying to use the expression builder to perform calculations

But for our fields, we have the demographic details like DOB (date of birth), address and stuff... But we purposely didn't put age in there because we want to do it as a query and age always changes. How do make the age look like a number, not a date?

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hey gsraonrt....sorry if this is rude....but you are not helping!!!

i really need help.....somebody pls....


Really, If You Just Google "Access Expression Builder" You Get Lots Of Useful Stuff.

However, As It's A Quickie. I Generated A Table (tblPerson) With FirstName, LastName & DOB. To Get The Ages Of The People, Use

SELECT    szFirstName AS 'First Name',
                szLastName AS 'Last Name'
                DateDiff('yyyy', tblPerson.dtBirth, Now() ) AS 'Age'
FROM tblPerson;

Oh Yes, Used Access 2007. I Can't Say For Sure If The DateDiff Function Works In Access 200/Access 2003.

Just A Suggestion. Try Out Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. It's Free & Downloadable From http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/sql/


Well I did the current date minus the DOB....but it's ok

The assignment is due already, so we just hand in what we got....

but thanks for the info and help!!!....

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