Hi everyone and thank you for helping me... again :icon_neutral:

I am trying to perform a MATCH AGAINST sql query on one of my table called "what".

id (int 11) PRIMARY
org-id (int 11)
keyword (varchar 100) FULLTEXT
bid (DECIMAL 4,2)

I want to perform a search on the column 'keyword' with a keyword ($keyword) and order the - distinct - results with respect to the column 'bid'.

Right now I am using: SELECT DISTINCT `org-id` FROM `what` WHERE MATCH(keyword) AGAINST ('".$keyword."') ORDER BY `bid` DESC I don't get any error message but I don't get any results neither.

I think the problem might come from the fact that MATCH AGAINST ignores text that is contained in more than 50% of the rows and as of right now I only have 6 very similar rows.

What do you think?