Hello I need help to turn this Scenario normalized from 0nf-3nf
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Company details

Swapsongs plc organises Record Fairs throughout the UK. They book and pay for venues eg hotel or leisure centre, each venue has a name, address, phone, contact name, cost per day, max – tables sq feet available and details of the local newspaper. Swapsongs keep a record of which venues have been booked on what date, so that they can advertise the fairs in local newspapers. Each fair is expected to be filled with independent record dealers who pay a fixed rate to Swapsongs for a stall. Independent record dealers have a company name, plus the name and address of the dealer, phone number, type of music they trade in plus the dealers credit rating. Credit rating are scaled 1 to 5. The ratings are as follows: 1 must pay in advance, 2 must pay 75% in advance, 3 must pay 50% in advance, 4 must pay deposit of 25% and 5 may pay after the event. An entrance fee is charge to people visiting the fairs and Swapsongs needs to keep track of this income.

They want a system to track venue bookings, dealer bookings which will enable them produce invoices for stall holder bookings at each fair and to record admission fees collected.

The main user of the system will be Swapsongs clerk, Ms Courtney Ashe, who although fast on the keyboard, has little experience of database systems, referential integrity and the like. She will require clear and easy to use system with a usable interface.

How far have you got?

How far have you got?

this is what i ahve so far


venues hotel or leisure centre, name, address, phone, contact name, cost per day, max – tables sq feet, newspaper, date, advertise

fair stall, Independent record dealers, dealer, company name, name and address, phone number,
type of music, dealers credit rating, entrance fee

but im not sure if im rite help :(..