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i need you to help me to find the solution of exercise and review questions for
(Thomas M connolly database systems practical approach to design implementation and management)four or five edition (chapter 9 - 10 - 13 - 14 - 19) or

• Briefly, describe the main purpose(s) and activates associated with each of the data base system development lifecycle.
• Discuss the main approaches for managing the design of database system that has multiple user views.
• Discuss why testing control show the absence of faults only that software foult are present.
• Describe the advantages of using the prototyping approach when building database system.
• Assume that you are developing data base system for your enterprise, whether it is a university or business. Consider what face-finding techniques you would use to identify the important facts needed to develop a data base system. Identify and determine the techniques that would use for each age of the data base system development lifecycle.
• Describe what the multiplicity constraint represents for a relationship type in entity-relathoship modeling, and how dose multiplicity represents both the cardinality and participations on a relationship type.
• You are required to create a conceptual data model of the data decrements for a company that specializes in IT training. The company has 30 instructors and can handle up to 100
1. Identify the main entity types for the company
2. Identify the main relationship types and specify the multiplicity or each relationship. State any assumption you make about the data.
3. Using your answers for (i) and (ii), draw a single ER digrame to represent the data requirements for the company.
• What are the main reasons for the concept of super class and subclasses into an ER model
• Consider wither it is appropriate specialization/ generalization, aggregation
A. Under what circumstance would you want to denormalize a logical data model? Use examples to illustrate your answer
B. What factors can be used to measure efficiency of a database system
C. Describe the purpose on normalization data
Main purposes of normalisation in a relational database:
Eliminate redundancy
Organise data efficiently
Reduce the potential for data anomalie

D. Describe the type of update anomaly that may occur on a relation that has redundant data.
E. Examine the patient medication for case study show in figure
F. Identify the primary, alternative, and foreign keys in yor 3NF relation

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Show some effort. Ask specific questions.

No one here will complete your homework for you.

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thanx for reply, In fact, I have a test in this article, I study the management and I have a weakness in this article, please help me only in that the above questions, the exam on December 22, please help It is possible to find me in MIS or BPM E-Business i now that is a bulk question to be afraid to call people to believe that there is good

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