I have a PHP shopping cart system and it's using MS SQL for the backend. Currently it's using the mssql driver. Now I want to move it to Windows Azure and I'm required to change the driver to sqlsrv 2 in order for it to work there.

Can anybody tell me if I really need to change the way my db queries are written or can I just retain them and will still work under the new sqlsrv driver?

Example: mssql_connect() -- current syntax which ideally should be sqlsrv_connect() under sqlsrv driver, but will it still work as is?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Here is an example of how it should look. The connect is different, and as far as I see the query parameters are reversed.

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Thanks Pritaeas!

I think this means I have to change the way my queries are written. Sounds like a lot of work. :P

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