Help. I'm trying to write a database for vehicle reservations and I can't figure something out.
All vehicle reservations are going to have reservation dates (obviously). I have a table set up to list vehicles by USN # (like a VIN #), vehicle body type (pick-up, suburban, etc.), and a few other fields. I want to be able to type in the required dates, and body type and have the dbase show me what vehicles are NOT reserved during the required timeframe. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

Well what programming language are you using? Are you just doing this straight in something like T-SQL (SQL Server 2000)?

Soory, I guess it would be helpful to know that huh? I'm using it in MS Access.

Well, Microsoft Access isn't a database ;-). It's a GUI frontend for Microsoft JET Databases ;-).

Microsoft Access allows you to make "Forms" and "Reports" - something that a strict database engine wouldn't allow. Forms are the route to your answer: they use VBA as their language. Check out help ;-)

ok im guessing that you want to make it so when you run a report it prints all of the records that Are of a specific Body shell, and are NOT rented between certain dates?

This means you are going to need to have a table with vehicle vin and rented dates both of which can't be primarys


|VIN | Date Rented From | Date rented too|Shell|
| 34224| 23/04/04 |28/04/04 | van |
|34224| 02/05/04 |04/05/04 | van |

And the Query is
under shell purely the type
under date rented from NOT=> (equal to the date they want) AND NOT=<(date they want to finish)

im not sure on the syntax of ACESS as its under powerd but i would personally do it in VB/s

hope that helps?

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Thanks, I'll give that a try

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