U just started using acces and I need to make a query using multiple tables. I read some tutorials and watched videos but I can't seem to do it right. I have 2 tables: the first one is Login, the second one is Group. Login contains Username, Name, Group (Username is the primary key) and Group contains Group, GroupName (with Group being the priamry key).
Here's an exemple:

Username |Name |Group
jdoe |John Doe |math

Group |GroupName
math |Mathematics

Now what I want to do is a query that displays the username, name and group name. So I tried to link Group(Group) with Group(Login). But when I run my query all I get is a blank space. I also tried it the other way around but it's the same. Can someone help me?

Easily done with SQL.

SELECT Username,Name,Login.Group,Groupname
FROM Login, Group
WHERE login.Group = Group.Group

I tried your solution but nothing happens, I still get a blank page.I also tried this code in ODB. What happens there is that for every user it lists the names of the available groups. For example if I have History, English, Math and John Doe is in math I get:

John Doe |math |English
John Doe |math |History
John Doe |math |Mathematics