Hi all,

Did a site for a group I belong to. Now they want me to add a login page that would take people to a members only area. Need to be able to validate the users via a database. The only database I have available to me is Access 2007. My problem is once the database has been done, how on earth do I connect it to the website? My site is being hosted by JustHost. I used FrontPage to design the site. I am in no way a professional designer or coder. But to be able to use asp to connect to the database will be great!

Also, one other thing. The database, is this going to have one or two tables? one for the username and another for the passwords, or just one table containing the usernames and passwords? obviously this has got to be secure, so help in making that connection secure will be great as well as how to make the database secure once it is on the hosters servers. A lot to ask for help with I know, but please help me here?

umm, Access? nah man. U can use anything but don't use access.

go for MySQL or PostgreSQL both are free.

what have designed the website with?

I don't see ASP listed as available in your host's features. They list PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby - no ASP. They have MySQL database support, not Access (which I agree, you don't want to use anyway).

OK, MySQL it is then. Suppose I can google it and download? Do you have any idea where I can download instructions on how to use it? I understand the idea of relational databases, but have never used MySQL before, only a bit of Access. Thanks for the advice guys!

Your easiest option will probably be to install a PHP and MySQL package like WAMP Server or XAMPP. You don't have to use PHP necessarily, but that's probably the most approachable option to get started with.