I have designed a database for use in an academic arena, but I have come across a problem that I can't find an answer to in the help files or on the web. I think it is something really simple but frustrating to put right!

I have designed a form in Infopath which works and sends data back to the database. I have also designed a form in Access which also works.

There is a unique identifier for students which is Alpha Numeric, I couldn't find a field that allowed A/N input so I made two fields one text for the Letter code and another for the number. Unfortunately the number field is only allowing the input of a maximum of 10 digits, but I need a minimum of 12 digits (and I would like to add in some future proofing in case the number of digits increase in the future). I have validated the database and it returned the info that all was OK. So I am now wondering if the problem is with the forms????

Is there anyone who can take pity on me and help with this issue?

Many thanks in advance for any guidance and advice


A text field will allow alpha numeric input. You can put a mask on it to specify the format of the input but personally I wouldn't, I don't find them particualarly user friendly.

Hi Chris

Thanks for you reply.

I continued investigating the problem and found that if I changed the field to text and then changed the IME code on the properties window from 'No Control' to 'Alpha-numeric full width' it worked beautifully. I have tested it numerous times using the form I designed for data input and I found that it updates the underlying database without any issues.

Thanks again