I have created a data entry user form in MS Access 2007 which pulls out and puts in data from/in 3 different tables, When I create a new form(a new record should be created in all 3 forms with my primary key), I can enter data in fields from only one table, the other table fields are not activated and I cannot fill data in them, I then have to click somewhere outside the form in order to activate them, it works good then.For the third table it doesn't create a new record in the table on new form event.

I am clueless, please help!

I can click on the field, but cannot change it. Its activated but defunct!

If all three tables have the same primary key then all of the fields should be in the one table. There is no point in having them in separate tables.

The Database has been setup that way and since its so bulky, I can't move values in/from tables. Moreover these 3 tables store data pertaining to different departments and have only the employee id as a common key.

Hence there are three tables for three different departments with the EmployeeID as the common key.

THis is easily solved by running a query containing all fields you want in the form and designing the form as tabbed. After designing the query, in the query, make all joins from primary table to other tables as right joins. A sample data base i can send you if you send your email address to me. k.sureshchandra@gmail.com